What you Need to Know about Bitcoin Tracker One

Some Bitcoin-linked securities have been certified by regulators and are currently active in the international market trading. However,it has been pointed out that participation in the field is limited to active traders and big-time companies only. This is the reason many people who are into cryptocurrency are actively proposing a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

If this is approved,it would provide less expensive and easier means for retail investors to benefit from Bitcoin exposure through the help of exchange-traded products. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has denied a few applications for Bitcoin ETFs,giving US-based investors with zero domestic options for it. Fortunately,there have been many companies making positive changes and innovations to provide better opportunities to traders and investors such as those companies offering Bitcoin trackers in Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

One good example is this foreign-registered company that recently made it possible for US investors to trade and invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Tracker One,anexchange-traded note (ETN)has been active among traders on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange since 2015. It used to be available only in euros and Swedish krona. And then they recently began quoting in US dollars,allowing American traders to join.

The ETN works by providing exposure to Bitcoin performance by keeping track of its price. Its aim is to give a daily return roughly equating to the cryptocurrency’s performance in several digital exchanges as chosen by the product provider,before fees and costs. In a nutshell,the price of Bitcoin Tracker One ETN changes as the does the price of Bitcoin.

More and more options are becoming available to investors and traders alike. This opens better chances for a healthier and more active trading community. For more information on Bitcoin trackers,talk to reputable service provider near you.

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