Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest Announced

On May 1, Game Awards impresario Geoff Keighley introduced Summertime Game Feast, a cooperation with several significant players in interactive enjoyment. The four-month-long occasion will certainly consist of updates on previously revealed games, in-game events, and also free playable web content for several video games. For anyone wishing for major announcements, a press release for the event additionally assures “breaking news,” which most likely suggests first-look reveals for new titles, developments, and also more.

“In these uncertain and challenging times, it’s more important than ever that video games serve as a common and virtual connection point between us all,” claimed Keighley in a press release. “SGF is an organizing principle that promises fans a whole season of video game news and other surprises from the comfort of home.”

In not a lot of words, Keighley indicated that SGF may be made use of to showcase the future PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Series X also.

“Obviously this is a new console launch year so it’s exciting to see what Xbox and PlayStation have in store,” Keighley claimed when inquired about what publishers he was most ecstatic.

“It’s a really exciting time when a new console cycle starts!” he stated in one more remark. “The things I’ve seen it’s going to be an AMAZING summer!” We can assume that both next-gen consoles can see a complete expose during SGF, whether as part of it or at events taking place during that time duration. Maybe Sony will adhere to Microsoft’s May 7 event with its own reveal; A current leak claimed we might see a PS5 showcase on June 5, 2020. Theoretically, both of these will drop within Summer Gamings Feast even if they’re not officially a part of it. To most gamers, that difference will certainly feel nearly missing.

Keighley also validated that along with Inside Xbox, Microsoft has numerous events intended throughout SGF’s run.

SGF is a suggestion Keighley has actually had for a while and not one he came up after E3 was canceled. Nevertheless, Keighley did increase his plans for an E3 replacement in feedback to the cancelation. There are presently no plans to host SGF next year, yet it might return if the 2020 run does well.

Keighley created SGF to aid join the global video gaming community in a time when it really feels more split than ever.

“I wanted to create an event that was global, digital, and interactive,” he stated. “All these big in-person events are great, but Game Awards has shown me how games connect the WORLD. And let’s face it, a LOT of people are never going to get to an E3 or PAX especially in today’s world.”

Something’s without a doubt: Gaming will have its largest summer season ever before.